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We Have A Server Now
_WI11EM_ 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 21st Jul 2013
Hello CraftHood user. We recently rented a completely customizable Minecraft server. That means it is the same as customizing your server by adding plug ins or editing the motd and much more. But instead of taking the risk of getting our computer hacked, we put it in the hands of MineRack. The servers rent costs 4 dollars a month. If any user is kind enough to donate, you may start off by contacting me. Now before I get into the fun stuff, I would like to say that you can apply for free op. You can apply by going to the Application tab in the menu bar. After you complete the Application I will try to get back to you. We have a variety of plug ins. Many of them are inactive for un-oped users. We have a plugin that makes default users unable to grief. In that case, if you are an op I need to trust you that you won't grief the spawn. If you have the desire to build you may do that by going through the wilderness portal. From there you may build where ever your heart tells you to. Eventually as we get more and more users, being oped will be scarce. In order to keep being oped, we'll have to monitor you and see if you got any users to join our server. We really want more users on our server. Please tell all your friends who play Minecraft about our server.
Below this text you'll find the server IP.

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