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_WI11EM_ 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 21st Jun 2013
For all Youtube viewers and Instagram/Twitter friends I made a Minecraft clan. Now I know you are all like, "Wow… Willem made a website just for his stupid Minecraft clan. What a nerd." Well I know how many of you play Minecraft and I want you guys to know that this site isn't just for me. Its for you too. Now I will be getting around posting videos on here but for now i just need to get the site up and ready. Its not much yet but I'm dreaming of big things. I will need help from some of my friends to get this clan up and going the right way. Now what the purpose of this clan is to chat, talk, connect and even play with each other. I don't have a server but I know a few people who do. I would love to have there servers to be a part of our clan. Many people/Friends taught me the way of Minecraft. I would like to thank them. And before I end this post I would proudly like to say that i will be doing contests like who can make the better skin or the better world. Thats mostly what I wanted to say and remember, I will be making more posts.

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